Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Orleans in July...

Street sidewalk asphalt black
walking by day caresses backpack;
white tank top bathed of two days sweat
as a shadow stalked by the ghost of regret.

Walk wander daydream
time idle occupy;
occasional reality emerges
the glimpse of a passerby.

Wander gypsy vagrant
homeless quiet destitute;
peaceful tranquil serene
does hope soon take root.

For fear a companion
living in the day;
the prayer tomorrow
may only be this beautiful...

July Orleans
sitting on the sidewalk
in front of the public library

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lightening storm at night...

Pine timber decay tan
lightening bolt struck;
alone stood vigilant silent
pining oracle luck.

Thunder winds rain howled
mankind timid meek;
shelter solace sanctum succor
humbly did seek.

Thunder`s spent heaven`s rent
suddenly was thought;
poor pine did absorb the pain
hope courage so random bought.

A simple poem about a dead pine tree
down the road in Mandeville , which was struck by
lightening two nights ago...


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tearful dreams...

Blue paper shoe
blue cotton shirt
smile pain fraught
eyes carved of hurt.

Blue paper shoe
shoulder shrug walk
meek yet ferocious
once tender steps
now a stalk.

Blue paper shoe
gentle kind soul
heart beats of longing
yet tears as
jet black coal.

Blue paper shoe
window gazed dreams
true love life`s pursuit
but for a moment
or so it seems.

I wrote this poem in the lobby of the psych ward at SELH  July 2010.
I was a patient there at the time.
This guy, a bipolar person with a crack habit was being readmitted.
He was dressed in blue paper gown and shoes.
 He was a very pleasant talkative guy, kinda like a hustler.
 But his mood could flip in a second to a very violent person.


Monday, August 2, 2010


Timber blue tower
pine arched so
dusk's rays shadowed
past mid day glow.

Timber blue tower
paced lined rowed
concave gentle edge
symmetrically bestowed.

Timber blue tower
myrtles aching flow
brown needles scattered
nature`s thread sow.

Timber blue tower
seeking heaven`s door
does whisper to my heart
hope love distant shore.

A poem about the pine trees and blue water tower,
which I could see out the windows of the Psych ward in Mandeville.


Friday, July 16, 2010


Single kind word
whirl turn spin
flow of verse
does thus begin.

Passions flame
maelstrom curse
Venus lives
thru Neptune's`s worse.

Tranquil waters
cool cool wind
love laugh life
my heart again.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sand water heaven
laughter smiles love
three there came
to waters edge...



Sand sand sand
as moments of time
or words of man.

Sand sand sand
dry harsh eternal
does cover the land.

Sand sand sand
if words spoken true
water truth sand
does shape the earth
offer hope to man.


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